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Title : [theqoo] P.O'S ACTING.GIF
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[theqoo] P.O'S ACTING.GIF

Situation: he's supposed to be on the verge of tears.....

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1. What in the world...

2. Yikes..

3. He's good on variety show and on stage but his acting s*cks... ㅋㅠㅠㅠ

4. I don't really understand why he got cast either...

5. I just watched ep. 7 of Hotel Del Luna and I found him ok...?

6. I find him f*cking bad, he's not handsome either... what kind of connections does he have to be able to squeeze his way into a drama?ㅋㅋㅋ

7. It's true that you need a lot of practices to go into acting and this scene didn't show it.

8. I don't think that he was supposed to be on the verge of tears but to show that he was hurt? That's what I got from the situation. I think that P.O just acted like himself and Kang Mina looked a bit awkward but I didn't find them bad

9. Leave him alone.. stop making fun of him

10. I don't know if he's funny on variety show but his acting is.... his visuals are weird and he looks like a monkey... just why?

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